If your loved one passed without a Trust and left property behind that needs to be dealt with, you will probably need to go through the probate process. A Probate is a legal action in which the Court oversees the administration of a deceased person’s estate. We have done many probates and can assist you with yours, regardless of whether the probate is contested or not.

We can guide you through the process of filing the necessary documents with the Court, having a personal representative appointed, obtaining court-executed documents which allow the personal representative to get to work on the estate, gathering the estate’s assets, satisfying the estate’s debts, distributing funds and property to heirs, etc.

The Probate process is a court proceeding and can be complicated. When you’re dealing with the grief of losing a loved one and potential conflict with other heirs, the Probate process can also be emotional. We can guide you through the Probate process in a way that minimizes your stress.

There are also tax implications involved with Probate actions, including the need to file tax returns. We can refer you to a competent accountant to assist you with all the tax-related aspects of a Probate.

Whatever your issue, we can help.

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