A Last Will and Testament is a document that is a good thing for most anyone to have. It’s also important for couples who are not married to make sure that their individual estates go to the surviving partner/significant other, if that is the couple’s desire.

Signing a Will before you pass is important if you have a preference of how your property will be passed on when you’re gone, if you have someone in mind who should serve as your children’s guardian, etc. Without a Will, your property will be handed down strictly according to the law and the Court will not be aware of your preference for who should serve as your children’s guardian.

With a Will, you can arrange for many things in the event you pass, such as:

  • Leaving specific pieces of your property to specific individuals or organizations. Such property might include firearms, antiques, rare coins, jewelry, heirlooms, etc.
  • Leaving your property in specific portions to specific individuals or organizations. This might look like instructing that your home, vehicles, etc. be sold and the proceeds split equally among your children. Or, you may have a different idea of how you want your property left behind, and we can work with you to make sure that your property goes exactly where you want it to go when you’re gone.
  • Naming a personal representative to oversee your estate when you’re gone.
  • Naming a guardian for your minor children.

Signing a Will is a great first step to estate planning. And, don’t worry. If you execute a Will today, you are always free to revoke or amend your Will down the road if circumstances change. We can also help with that process.

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