So, you have a Decree or some kind of controlling court Order (usually, a Decree of Divorce or Parentage), but the other party isn’t following the Court’s orders contained in the document? For example, maybe the other party isn’t paying child support or alimony. Or maybe the other party isn’t following the parent-time schedule. Or maybe the other party isn’t paying his or her share of the children’s portion of the health insurance premium or out-of-pocket medical expenses. Sounds like you may need to file a motion to enforce with the Court.

Every enforcement action is different. Let’s talk about your situation and decide together what the best course of action for your case is. Often, it may be as simple as having us draft a letter to the other party outlining his or her violations of the Decree or Order and demanding that he or she come into immediate compliance or face court action. Other times, we may need to proceed with filing a motion to enforce and asking that the Court hold the disobeying party to account.

Regardless, we can help you get matters back on track. Decrees and Orders must be obeyed. We can help you either come into compliance with a Decree or Order or get the other party into compliance. How we go about doing so depends on your unique situation.

Whatever your issue, we can help.

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