Utah law surrounding landlord-tenant relationships can be complex. We understand the law and can put it to work for you, from drafting and negotiating lease/rental agreements, enforcing lease/rental agreements, terminating lease/rental agreements, and working through the complicated eviction process.

Lease/Rental Agreement Drafting & Negotiation

A strong lease/rental agreement is the best way to avoid problems with your tenant. We understand the common and not-so-common problems that can arise between landlords and their tenants. With that experience, we can assist in drafting and negotiating a lease/rental agreement that protects you during your relationship with your tenant. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Enforcing the Lease/Rental Agreement

Even with the best lease/rental agreement, tenants often fail to comply with their obligations. Properly enforcing your lease/rental agreement can be complex and it is critical that you comply with Utah law throughout the process. Enforcement efforts that are not consistent with Utah law can often result in liability.

We can help you avoid making a problem with a tenant even worse by assisting you in enforcing your lease/rental agreement in a way that protects your rights while also complying with Utah law.

Lease/Rental Agreement Termination

Sometimes circumstances require having to terminate a lease or rental agreement with your tenant early. We can help you decide whether you can do this, how to do this, and perhaps most importantly, when to do this. A misstep can lead to delays and liability.


The Utah eviction process is nuanced and complicated, and your course of action depends on the specific facts of your situation. It is important that you manage the eviction correctly under Utah law to avoid delays and penalties.

We understand Utah’s eviction process and can assess your situation and recommend a strategy that works for you and is consistent with the law. From serving your tenant with a notice, filing the necessary documents with the court, and obtaining an order of restitution and judgment, we can help.

Whatever your issue, we can help.

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